Saturday, March 3, 2018

Grand Prince (Korean Drama 2018) - 대군 - Daegun - Daegoon

Grand Prince (2018) or 대군 or Daegun or Daegoon is about Centered around one woman who gets caught up in a bloody romance with two princes. This drama tells the story of a man who would kill even his younger brother to have the object of his love, the woman who wants to keep the world at a distance, and the intense desires and pure feelings that they experience. Bromance between the royal brothers intertwines with both love and hate. There is afierce rivalry among the women of the royalty in claiming the ultimate position of queen.

The young woman, named Sung Ja-hyun, is beloved by all and is the daughter of a prestigious government official. She’s so famous for her beauty that she has prospective suitors lined up from all over the country vying for her hand. She’s inherited her scholarly father’s personality; she possesses a strong sense of compassion and righteousness, and tackles things with passion. Grand Prince are about star from Mar 3, 2018.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rakshasa Street (2017) 镇魂街 Eng Sub

Rakshasa Street (2017)
Native title: 镇魂街
Also Known as: Zhen Hun Jie; 镇魂街网剧版
Episodes: 24
Airs: Aug 2, 2017
Network: Youku
Wang Jiro as Cao Yan Bing
An Yue Xi as Xia Ling
Hou Ming Hao
Bai Jing Xuan

The story revolves around Rakshasa Street, a place where spirits and humans co-exist. Cao Yan Bing crosses paths with Xia Ling, a young college graduate who stumbles upon a mystical battle between good and evil. ~~ based on a manhua by Xu Chen.

Rakshasa Street (2017) 镇魂街 Eng Sub
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep1
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep2
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep3
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep4
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep5
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep6
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep7
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep8
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep9
Rakshasa Street Eng Sub Ep10

Monday, July 31, 2017

Fatal Countdown: Reset (Chinese Movies 2017) 逆时营救 Eng Sub

Fatal Countdown: Reset (2017)
Directed: Chang
Produced: Jackie Chan
Screenplay: Zha Muchun
Production:  New Clues Film
Jay Walk Studios
Beijing Sparkle Roll Media Corporation
Distributed: Star Cinema (Philippines)
Release date: June 29, 2017

Yang Mi as Xia Tian
Wallace Huo as Tsui Hu
King Shih-Chieh as Research Director
Liu Chang as Da Xiong
Hummer Zhang as Dou Dou

Reset (Chinese: 逆时营救) is a 2017 Chinese science fiction suspense film produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Korean director Chang; starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo. It was released in China on June 29, 2017.

Xia Tian (Yang Mi) is a single mother who works as an associate researcher, helping to complete a technology that can allow people to go back in time. One day, her son Dou Dou is kidnapped by a mysterious man (Wallace Huo) and she was forced to hand over her life's work. She takes a risk and travels to a time an hour and fifty minutes earlier in hopes of saving her son. source:

Fatal Countdown: Reset (Chinese Movies 2017) Eng Sub
Fatal Countdown: Reset

Deep Rooted Tree จอมกษัตริย์ตำนานอักษร EP.1-EP.24 (จบ) ซับไทย+พากย์ไทย

Deep Rooted Tree จอมกษัตริย์ตำนานอักษร EP.1-EP.24 (จบ) ซับไทย+พากย์ไทย

Mrs.Cop 2 EP.1-EP.20 (จบ) ซับไทย

Mrs.Cop 2 EP.1-EP.20 (จบ) ซับไทย

Innocent Man EP.1-EP.20 (จบ) ซับไทย พากย์ไทย

Innocent Man EP.1-EP.20 (จบ) ซับไทย+พากย์ไทย